Friday, August 15, 2008

Triple Fast Action - Broadcaster (1996, Capitol)

TFA came from the same mid-90s Chicago scene previously discussed in the Fig Dish post, and share many sonic qualities with their Chicagoan peers like Local H, Hum, Loud Lucy, and of course, Fig Dish.  Frontman Wes Kidd even performed occasionally as a live guitarist with the mighty Local H. Kidd was also doubling as a producer around the time of Broadcaster's release, serving as the co-producer on Jimmy Eat World's "Static Prevails" with Mark Trombino. According to a Wikipedia entry, Dave Grohl listened repeatedly to "Broadcaster" during the recording of the second Foo Fighters record, "The Colour and the Shape", and apparently lists a Rights of the Accused show as his first concert experience. Since learning this I have formulated a theory that the Foo's "Everlong" may have been directly inspired by TFA's "Rest My Head", in terms of their similar drop-d tunings and chord progressions - I'd love to know if anyone agrees or maybe thinks I'm just crazy.  

After "Broadcaster", the band jumped the major label ship and made the switch to the indie Deep Elm records, perhaps best known for its "Emo Diaries" compilation series and releases from the likes of Planes Mistaken for Stars and The Appleseed Cast. After releasing their sophomore record "Cattlemen Don't" through Deep Elm in 1997, the band decided to throw in the towel. These days Wes Kidd is on the management side of things, acting as manager for Cheap Trick and The Damnwells, while Kevin Tihista is pursuing a solo career and Brian St. Clair has joined Local H. 

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Here is a short clip featuring Triplefastaction playing "Superstar" live, as well as interviews with the band and commentary from Metro-owner Joe Shanahan, Veruca Salt's Nina Gordon and others discussing the conflict between bands like Triple Fast Action or Fig Dish and their unsupportive major labels (essentially the very idea behind this blog):


Hoofomobile said...

Thanks, although I already have this one.

I was you take requests?

alex said...

you're very welcome - i'm glad there are TFA fans out there.
feel free to make any requests you'd like, though I cant guarantee that i'll be able to help.

Hoofomobile said...

Allright then, here's a current wishlist of mine, only major-label albums:

Slider – Sudden Fun (A&M, 1995)
Haze & Shuffle – Get Your Haze (Arista, 1993)
Slush – North Hollywood (Discovery/Wea, 1997)
The Why Store – self titled (MCA, 1996)
Reigndance – Thread (Dreamworks, 1994)
Man Will Surrender – self titled (Warner Bros., 1997)
Solution A.D. – Happily Ever After (Atlantic, 1996)
Expanding Man – Head to the Ground (Sony, 1996)
Stegosaurus – self titled (Warner Bros., 1998)
Soulhat – Outdebox (Sony, 1993)
Schtum – Grow (Sony, 1995)
Funland – Sweetness EP (Arista, 1993)
Fat Tuesday – Everbody’s Got One (Sony, 1993)
3 Lb. Thrill – Vulture (Sony, 1995)
Smashing Orange – No Return in the End (MCA, 1994)
Mighty Joe Plum – Happiest Dogs (Atlantic, 1997)
Kerosene – Arrhythmia (Warner Bros., 1993)
Clarissa – Silver (Mammoth, 1996)
Cravin’ Melon – Red Clay Harvest (Polygram, 1997)
Wanderlust – Prize (RCA, 1995)

alex said...

I do have those Slider and Smashing Orange records... i'll be sure to post those soon and i'll definitely be looking into the others.

DigMeOut said...

Check out a podcast review of Triple Fast Action's Broadcaster on the DIG ME OUT podcast, visit