Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fig Dish - That's What Love Songs Often Do (1995, Polydor)

"Thats What Love Songs Often Do" is the 1995 full length release from Chicago group Fig Dish, released on Polydor Records. Attracted by the success of acts like Smashing Pumpkins, Veruca Salt, and Urge Overkill, major labels set their eyes upon the city of Chicago in the mid 90s, looking for "the next Seattle". Several bands, including Fig Dish and their similar-sounding peers Triple Fast Action, Local H, Menthol, and Loud Lucy were all snatched up during this period. While bands like Hum and Local H were able to score MTV and radio hits and achieve one-hit-wonder status, Fig Dish unfortunately weren't as lucky. This is a shame, too, because the band's brand of slacker-alterna-rock songs were as angst-ridden and well-written as any of their more successful contemporaries. The record, along with its followup, "When Shove Goes Back to Push", sold only a combined 16,000 copies; which led to Polydor/A&M dropping the band before they could release their fully recorded third album, which remains unreleased.

During the Fig Dish years frontman Blake Smith was romantically involved with Veruca Salt singer and solo artist Nina Gordon, prior to her relationship with Letters to Cleo/Veruca Salt/American Hi Fi member Stacy Jones. Smith and Gordon's relationship dissolved in 1999, right around the same time Fig Dish was dropped and ultimately decided to disband. Since the end of Fig Dish, members have continued to play music in the group Caviar, and more recently in The Prairie Cartel with Local H frontman Scott Lucas.

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