Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pure - Generation Six-Pack (1996, Mammoth)

"Generation Six-Pack" is the second full-length album from Canadian band Pure, originally released in 1994 and re-released in 1996 on Mammoth Records (at which point Mammoth was part of a joint venture with Atlantic Records). The band formed in 1991 and was initially signed to Warner/Reprise on the strength of their early demos, who put out their first record, "Pureafunalia" in 1992. The songs on "Generation Six-Pack" could be compared to the psychedelic pop of early the Flaming Lips or the lo-fi indie rock of Pavement, albeit a more straight forward and radio-friendly version of such bands. The lo-fi aesthetic is certainly present on the album, as much of it was reportedly recorded in the members' bedrooms. Though the band never made much of an impact in the states, they were nominated for a Juno award in their native Canada, and later contributed a song to the 1998 film BASEketball before disbanding in 2000.

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