Sunday, August 10, 2008

Elevate - Interior EP (1997, Hep-Cat)

Finding information about London's Elevate is no easy task. Aside from a brief All Music Guide entry, there seems to be barely any indication that Elevate's "Interior" EP ever happened. What I do know about the band is that they were formed in 1993 and released two full lengths on their native London's Flower Shop records before getting a US distribution deal through Hep-Cat/Mammoth records. The band's first release on Hep-Cat, and first to be available here in the states was this EP in 1997. 

"Interior" recalls the noise-rock of bands like Slint and Girls Against Boys (the band's previous album was produced by GVSB member Eli Janney). While Elevate's most obvious reference points may be American bands following in the Sonic Youth tradition, there is a prevalent British feel to the sound - perhaps channeled through a The Fall influence.

On a side note: This Elevate is not to be confused with a newer band of the same name from Canada who plays Christian worship music. 

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