Sunday, August 3, 2008

Catherine - Hot Saki & Bedtime Stories (1996, TVT)

Catherine is a band I came across as a result of my fanatic Smashing Pumpkins worship, as the band has several ties to the fellow Chicago rockers. Catherine's drummer, Kerry Brown, is none other than the husband of Pumpkins bassist D'arcy, who also lends a bit of vocals to this record. Perhaps as a result of this connection, Billy Corgan himself served as producer for many of Catherine's earlier releases. The band's sound also does not stray too far from the Pumpkin formula of psychedelic tinged alterna-guitar crunch. "Hot Saki and Bedtime Stories" was the band's second full length for TVT records.  The album's lead single and personal all-time favorite Catherine song, "Whisper", also appeared on the soundtrack to the movie Scream; the music video for which can be viewed HERE. Before the release of the album, founding Catherine members Neil Jendon and Jerome Browne left the band, prompting the remaining members to retire the Catherine name not long after.

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Alfredo said...

great album! been looking for this so many time! Thanks

Bobby said...

thanks for sharing