Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dillon Fence - Outside In (1993, Mammoth)

Despite being a key player in the early 90s North Carolina indie rock scene, Dillon Fence had little in common with Chapel Hill bands like Polvo or Archers of Loaf. Instead of playing shows with such angular noise-makers, Dillon Fence could be found sharing the stage with a then struggling Hootie and the Blowfish. This is not to say that Dillon Fence sounds like Darius Rucker and co., though they were undeniably grounded in the classic pop tradition. The group's brand of powerful jangle-pop is more comparable to The Posies or Teenage Fanclub.

"Outside In" was the band's second full-length album, released in 1993 on Mammoth Records, right around the time Mammoth entered into a joint venture with major label Atlantic Records. In support of "Outside In" and its follow-up, 1994's "Living Room Scene" Dillon Fence toured extensively - the pressures of which soon caught up with the band and ultimately resulted in their breakup in 1995. Singer Greg Humphrey would go on to form the Hobex, who signed with Sire Records in the late 90s and showcased more prominently the soul influences that are only hinted at in Dillon Fence's songs. Other members would go on to play in Collapsis, who were named after the opening track of "Outside In", and released one record through Universal Records in 2000.

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eh said...

pretty darn good albumhere . any chance you have any hobex stuff?

J Richter said...

Dillon Fence....geniuses. "Blackeyed Susan" is THE perfect powerpop song. 'Nuff said ;)