Sunday, August 3, 2008

Skycycle - Breathing Water EP (1998, MCA)

"Breathing Water" is the debut EP from Southern California's Skycycle, released in 1998 on MCA Records. Skycycle's sound was trademarked by what All Music Guide described as "totally bland and forgettable alt-rock". Skycycle may admittedly be on the bland side, but the band's hook-laden songwriting was certainly above average. The album was produced by Ken Andrews, the driving force behind the band Failure, On, Year of the Rabbit, and most recently a solo career. As a producer Ken has also lent his hand to the likes of B.M.R.C., Blinker the Star, Self, Creeper Lagoon, Tenacious D, Pete Yorn, among many others. Skycycle went on to record the full length "Ones and Zeroes" in 2000, but was dropped from MCA before the album hit the shelves (it remains unreleased). Singer Steve Isaacs, who had held a brief stint as an MTV VJ prior to his time in Skycycle, would turn up some years later as the frontman for the band The Panic Channel, the project of ex Jane's Addiction members Dave Navarro and Stephen Perkins.

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changeling37 said...

would you happen to have "Ones and Zeros"? I misplaced my downloaded files of it years ago, what a great record that was tragically never released.

alex said...

unfortunately I do not, I'd love to get my hands on one of those advance promo copies that I know are floating around out there though.

changeling37 said...

found it

Victor said...

Skycycle é uma banda muito boa,na minha opinião