Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fossil - s/t (1995, Sire)

Fossil initially formed in the early 90's out of the ashes of a band called The Clowns, and quickly began playing the NYC circuit. After two performances at the legendary CBGBs, the venue's founder and owner, Hilly Kristal, took a liking to the band and became their manager, which led to an offer from Warner Brothers. The band's sound was heavy on the pop side of the alternative rock spectrum, and the album garnered comparisons to Cheap Trick and Jellyfish. To support the release of their major label debut, Fossil opened for the likes of The Goo Goo Dolls and appeared on the short-lived Jon Stewart Show on MTV. The band's video for their single "Moon" is included below, and comes highly recommended; it features the band playing amidst a wonderfully cheesy vintage sci-fi B-movie set. This was to be the first and last Fossil album, however, as the band seemingly dropped off the face of the planet not long after its release.

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Rion said...

I Thought I was the only one that remembered these guys! Great album, loved it, and still listen to it today!