Monday, August 25, 2008

Dandelion - Dyslexicon (Sony, 1995)

Of all the Nirvana clones of the nineties, Dandelion really may have been the next best thing to Nirvana themselves. Unfortunately for them, "Dyslexicon" was coming out right around the time that grunge's popularity was on the decline.  After forming in Philadelphia in 1989, Dandelion received acclaim from CMJ for their demo, "Silver". This led to the band being signed to Ruffhouse records, an imprint of Sony/Columbia Records, then home to hip-hop acts like Cypress Hill. Ruffhouse released the band's debut "I Think I'm Gonna Be Sick" in 1993 and its followup, "Dyslexicon" in 1995. 

To be fair, Nirvana is not the only reference point for Dandelion's sound, as they had some slightly more psychedelic and sludgy tendencies.  Despite having their music featured on MTV shows like The Real World and Beavis & Butthead, Dandelion didn't achieve much more than constant comparisons to Nirvana.  They decided to disband in 1996, only a year after "Dyslexicon" was released.  Members went on to play in Laguardia (who released one Brad Wood produced record on Universal in 2003), as well as The Cobbs, The Hells, (and the similarly named) The Hell Yeahs. Today, Dandelion members Mike Morpurgo and Dante Cimino are passing along their experience at the Paul Green School of Rock, a rock music program for kids. 

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Sarah A. said...

i keep almost commenting with things like "VERUCA SALT! YES!" and "wow, 90s bands got really creative with their compound words" and stopping myself. mostly, though: holy shit, alex, youre such a genius and people are loving it!

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