Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tripmaster Monkey - Goodbye Race (Sire, 1994)

"Lots of loud, crunchy guitar, poppy hooks buried in noise, smacking drums and randomly eccentric titles to the songs. In some respects, this is almost a picture-perfect Sire band, from the confusedly youthful looking personnel to the earnest semi-alternative rock riffing. There are times when Tripmaster Monkey aren't sure if they're trying to turn into a hardcore band or an incarnation of the Rezillos. They do have moments where they're able to grab attention, as happens with "Valium" and the moody opening of "Roman Catholic Haircut," but good ideas are too often let go in favor of more smack'n'thrash." (

Tripmaster Monkey formed in 1992 in the Quad Cities of Illinois and Iowa, and released the Faster than Dwight EP on See How! Records the following year.  1994 saw the release of their major label debut full-length, Goodbye Race, on Warner Bros.' Sire label. The album was recorded with Paul Q. Kolderie at the noted Fort Apache studios in Boston, and you can hear the influence of Fort Apache alumni (The Pixies, Dinosaur Jr.) on its sound. The band made the jump from Sire to Elektra for their second (and final) effort, Practice Changes, in 1996. Members of Tripmaster Monkey continue to play music in Chrash Flood and Tenki, both part of the Future Appletree Records family. 

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Ryan said...

I remember I had this on cd and it was a promotional copy. Now It's gone. I really love to hear the songs once again. I'm sure it'll bring back good memories.

I hope you have the link. Thanks.