Monday, October 27, 2008

Ammonia - Mint 400 (Epic, 1995)

Australian band Ammonia were the first act to sign with Sony Music Australia's imprint label, Murmur.  As fate would have it, it was the label's second signing, Silverchair, who would achieve breakout success, while Ammonia remains a fairly obscure name outside of their native Australia. The band formed initially in 1992 under the name Fuzzswirl before changing monikers a year later. The band's 1995 debut, Mint 400, was an immediate success in Australia, prompting Sony to release the album in the states under their Epic Records branch.

The album's lead single "Drugs" (video included below) received some frequent airplay on MTV here in the states, but the band wasn't able to recreate the success they had achieved in their homeland. Ammonia's second effort, Eleventh Avenue, which was recorded with Dave Fridmann (Mercury Rev, Flaming Lips) and released in 1998, saw the band moving away from the grunge-inspired sounds of their debut and towards a more experimental sound and would serve as the band's last record before disbanding in 1999. 

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e said...

i remember drugs being on one of those epic/550 samplers alongside k's choice and for squirrels. sure brings back memories. interestingly, while looking for this album online years ago i came across a cool band called mint 400 from this same era.

Paul said...

I just today came across the CD in my old closet at Mum and Dad's and ripped it for my Ipod. I remember liking this album and it was one of several I would sit up listening to writing letters to my girlfriend.
'Sleepwalking' was my favourite song from memory.
Those were the days.....:(
I also found the 'Satin Only' single from these guys....
Be great to listen to these again...