Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Loud Lucy - Breathe (Geffen, 1995)

"In the mid-'90s, major labels scrambled to sign alternative bands in Chicago in hopes of finding the next big thing. However, most of the bands signed during this frenzy fizzled out after only one or two albums. Loud Lucy was one of those bands. Known more for their connections with other bands, such as Alanis Morissette and Veruca Salt, than for their talent, Loud Lucy released their only major label album, Breathe, in 1995. Comprised mostly of three-minute songs, Breathe features the band's bland guitar-driven alternative pop. Each song is built around a repetitive guitar riff and has lyrics describing relationship troubles, which singer/guitarist Christian Lane hoarsely delivers. Although the album is mediocre, one of its catchier songs, "Ticking," enjoyed modest success with both MTV and radio airplay" (

I can't do a much better job than allmusic of summarizing the Loud Lucy story. What I can offer you though is a bit of an update on what Loud Lucy members have been up to since this record. Frontman Christian Lane had been dating Alanis Morrisette around the time of their tour opening for her, but following the couple's breakup the band faded from their brief moment in the spotlight and dissolved not long after. Lane has since gone on to pursue a more rootsy americana type solo career, while bassist Tommy Furar has since been a part of Liz Phair's band and drummer Mark Doyle played with The Cells.

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