Monday, October 6, 2008

Dig - s/t (MCA, 1993)

"Alternative pop/rock quintet Dig formed in Los Angeles in early 1991, with vocalist/guitarist Scott Hackwith (a producer who worked for the Ramones), guitarist Dix Denney (ex-Weirdos and Thelonious Monster), guitarist Jon Morris, bassist Phil Friedmann, and drummer Matt Tecu. After gaining a following around the area and releasing the Runt EP in 1992, the group signed to Radioactive/MCA late that year and released their self-titled debut album in 1993. The single "Believe" spent almost three months in MTV's Buzz Bin, and prompted the release of Dig's second album, Defenders of the Universe, in mid-1996. Life Like followed in early 1999." (

Apparently the story behind this album is that the band was told by their record company to "make an alternative record".  This certainly seems plausible, as it sounds essentially like paint-by-the-numbers alternative rock (which if you've followed this blog at all, you know isn't something that I necessarily find to be a bad thing).  Still, gotta give the band a little credit for doing this relatively early on, considering bands would still be rehashing this approach for the next 10 years. The band was also wise enough to get Janes Addiction/Alice in Chains producer Dave Jerden on board for the recording.  A good 15 years after the release of this album, Dig, according to their myspace page, have recently reunited and recorded material for a new record. 

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Jonathan said...

Man, I really liked the single "Believe". Still do to some extent. I remember buying this album though and being pretty disappointed by the rest of it though. But that one song was pretty great.