Friday, October 10, 2008

Agnes Gooch - Blind (1997, Warner Bros.)

"The Los Angeles quartet Agnes Gooch's unusual moniker can be traced to an early drummer whose babysitter used to threaten him with retribution at the hands of said character. In actuality, Agnes Gooch is a character from the musical Mame. Finding common musical ground upon meeting in a club, guitarists Nathan Ehrenfeld and Mat Baker chose to form a band, soon adding a bass player going by the name Johnny Lonely. After several false starts, drummer Scott Bushkin completed the lineup and the group began to play out, attracting a following on the L.A. club scene and signing a record deal with Revolution. With a sound that drew as much on traditional, power pop influences as the darker, alternative rock of the period, they released their debut, Blind, in 1997. It would prove to be their only release and, with Baker and Lonely playing in separate bands, it seems likely to remain so." (

The above blurb about the band must have been written prior to 2004, because it was during that year that Agnes Gooch returned from their 7-year hiatus to release their sophomore effort, Now I See, on the independent ATM Records. You can check out that record at their CD Baby page, which includes a short bio that clues us in a bit to the Agnes Gooch story: "After several successful tours, including Lollapalooza, X Games and opening for a variety of bands from Incubus to No Doubt, Agnes Gooch succumbed to the curse of major label politics, drifted apart & decided to go different musical directions. Seven years later.... They're back; stronger, wiser and hungry." 

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