Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Red Five - Flash (Interscope, 1996)

You may have noticed a lack of female fronted bands on this blog, so in an attempt to make up for that a bit I'd like to discuss a band fronted by not one but two girls: Red Five. The band did the kind of dual-female-singer approach associated with Veruca Salt or The Breeders, but also added a fair amount of punk energy ala 7 Year Bitch, L7, The Lunachicks, The Red Aunts, etc. Its no surprise then that the band appeared on the 1996 Vans Warped Tour. Red Five released one EP before signing with Interscope, who released their lone album, Flash, in 1996.

Flash was recorded with noted producer Matt Wallace who is probably best known for his work with Faith No More.  After their second effort, Wink, was shelved in 1999, Red Five decided to go their separate ways.  Their song "Shipwrecked" did, however, turn up in the 2001 movie Orange County, though not actually on the soundtrack release.  More recently, front-woman Jenni McElrath has started a new project with husband and former Fluorescein drummer Rocco Bidlovski called Mostly Sunny, which you can check out on MySpace.

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Hoofomobile said...

I never had the chanche to stumble upon your former blog "Bargain Bin Classics", could you please list here all the albums you reviewed on it? Thank you.

alex said...

hey there
when I switched blogs, I re-posted everything from bargainbinclassics over here. most of what was posted in august was originally on there

Sarah A. said...

i feel really incredibly good about this.

Eric said...

I actually got Jenni to send me a copy of the unreleased album, Wink, a couple of years ago and it's awesome, but I just stumbled on a newly released 'anthology' on CD baby. It's download-only, but it's only $5 and it has Flash, Wink, EPs and 7 inches plus post-Wink demos.