Friday, November 7, 2008

Metal Molly - Surgery For Zebra (Jive, 1996)

"This high-energy, Belgium-based three-piece warp Velvet Crush, Teenage Fanclub and Da Da caliber hooks 'n' harmonies into a fuzzy, frenzied, amazingly catchy Nirvana-esque roar on their worldwide debut effort. From the opening barrage of steaming crunch riffs, weird breaks and melodic vocals that drive "Flipper," through the "Dazed And Confused," multi-harmonied lethargy of "Zebra" - Metal Molly consistently enthrall you with the power, depth and stunning brightness of their pop vision. Songs such as "Orange," "PVC," "Small Supernova," "Autumn Colours," "Round" and "Superskunk" incorporate deft hints of classic radio influences inspired by the likes of the Beatles, Badfinger, XTC, 10CC and the Troggs; while drummer Gino Geudens, guitarist/vocalist Allan Muller and bassist/vocalist Paskal Deweze layer enough distortion, noise and edgy alterna-sheen onto their childhood memories to make Surgery For Zebra a stand-out in any radio format. " (Al Muzer, Consumable Online)

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