Friday, November 7, 2008

Green Apple Quick Step - New Disaster (Columbia, 1998)

Green Apple Quick Step was born in Seattle and released a few upbeat post-grunge albums in the mid 1990s. After debuting with Wonderful Virus on Reprise-backed Medicine Records in 1994, Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard helped produce 1995's Reloaded. Gossard gave the band free use of his home studio, and later let frontman Ty Willman take lead vocal duties on the first single of Gossard's first solo album, Bayleaf. Willman and bassist/backup vocalist Mari Ann Braeden also worked Pearl Jam's Mike McCready in $10,000 Gold Chain. The band appeared on the soundtracks of Basketball Diaries and Cable Guy and recorded New Disaster with Columbia in 1998 before disbanding. Willman went onto sing with Devilhead and form his own solo project, Calm Down Juanita. (

Though Green Apple Quick Step did record a third full length, New Disaster, for Columbia records - the label never put it out.  A single that was to appear on the album, "Kid", was featured on the soundtrack to I Know What You Did Last Summer - the music video for which did receive some airplay on MTV at the time (clip included below). A former member of the band has put some of the tracks on a MySpace page for the unreleased record. 

Listen @ MySpace

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