Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Solution a.d. - Happily Ever After (Atlantic, 1996)

"Solution a.d. was formed in northeast Pennsylvania in 1991; originally known as just Solution, the band added "a.d." when another Solution was discovered. (Bassist Kevin Leggieri admitted the abbreviation doesn't stand for anything.) Live guitarist Chad Taylor, impressed by the group's performance at CBGB, offered to produce their EP, A Week There One Night, which was released in 1996. Their full-length, Happily Ever After, soon followed, and their single "Fearless" made a minor dent on alternative radio stations' play lists. Despite critical acclaim, MTV airplay and constant touring -- the band was known for its powerful live sets -- Solution a.d. failed to break into the mainstream." (

Solution a.d. were signed to Atlantic records' subsidiary label, Tag Recordings, and were one of the few bands to stay with Atlantic after Tag folded (along with Fountains of Wayne and The Lemonheads). However, the band's time with Atlantic proved to be short.  This quote from frontman Toby Costa from a 1997 article sums up the band's fate: "At first getting signed is a great, great thing. You get money up front, money is invested in you, and it's a thrill to make your first real record for a label. But it all comes down to touring and sales, and there's so much competition that if you don't have a hit right out of the box, you can fall through the cracks." 


e said...

i've never been to a used record store that doesn't have this album

alex said...

isn't it funny how certain albums seem to find their way into every single used section.